Announcing R6 South Breach, the next European Off-Season Competition

We are excited to announce that R6 South Breach, the next European Off-Season competition will begin on November 22.

Designed primarily for aspiring professional players and teams, this new tournament will feature a total prize pool of €40,000 and give them an additional opportunity to compete at a higher level and hone their skills.

Please note that this tournament has no connection to the BLAST R6 Global Esports Circuit, which means that no points will be awarded in this competition to qualify for the Six Invitational 2024.

All European teams will be able to participate in this tournament, including teams that are part of the BLAST R6 Europe League.

All the official information about the tournament, including registrations and competition guidelines, can be found on the official website of the competition:

Last but not least, here is the link to the official Ddiscord server, which will serve teams, players and community casters as a base for support and information regarding the tournament.

Format Explainer

Rainbow Six Siege players, get ready for the next European Off-Season tournament: R6 South Breach!

R6 South Breach includes two slots for teams that are part of the BLAST R6 Europe League, two slots for teams that were part of the Nationals hosted in Southern Europe in the previous season and 4 slots for teams that go through our local open qualifiers.

The R6 South Breach is split into two stages:

Phase 1 – Qualifier:

The first qualifier will be dedicated exclusively to teams that had a slot for one of the following national leagues during the 2022 season:

  • French League
  • PG Nationals
  • Spain Nationals

The top two teams from this qualifier will advance to Phase 2.

Moreover, as this is a Southern European competition, teams having three of five players from the European southern region will get their own closed qualifier, with two teams qualifying for Phase 2! This region includes the following countries:

  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal

Residency will be checked through a verification system.

Then, there will be a qualifier open to any European team! The top 2 teams from this qualifier will advance to Phase 2.

Finally, there will be a dedicated qualifier for the BLAST R6 Europe League teams. Only two of these teams will be able to participate in the R6 South Breach.

Phase 1 matches will be open to community casting: to register as a community caster, please join the Discord server at the beginning of the blogpost and follow the steps therein in #community-caster-request text channel.

Phase 2 – PLAYOFFS:

During Phase 2, the winners of the qualifiers from the BLAST R6 Europe League will get seeded first, followed by the Nationals Qualifier teams and then the teams from the local and open qualifiers. This phase will be an eight-team double elimination bracket to crown the champion of R6 South Breach.

Phase 2 matches will be broadcast on the main official English channel and in the official French, Italian and Spanish Rainbow Six Siege channels in their respective languages.

Phase 2 matches will be also opened to community casters.


Phase 1

Phase 2

  • January 5-6-7 Playoffs – Winner & Loser Brackets
  • January 12-13-14 Playoffs – Semifinals Winner & Loser Brackets
  • January 20 – Loser Brackets Finals
  • January 21 – Grand Final